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Product Lines - Dex-O-TexFrom decorative terrazzo, to epoxy flooring, to waterproof decking, our Dex-O-Tex product lines provide aesthetically-pleasing, durable surfaces for any demanding environment. Browse our full line of products or consult a ... Cheminert SC membrane. Waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane for slabs over occupied spaces and various floor and wall surfaces. ... Colorflake. Epoxy flooring broadcast with decorative vinyl chips to create an attractive finish at an economical cost.

dekMASTER PVC Decking Membrane EBOSSdekMASTER PVC decking membrane. prev. next. Product Enquiries. Features · Scope · Performance. dekMASTER is a high quality, fully cured vinyl resin material impregnated onto a non-woven polyester fabric back. dekMASTER is an aesthetic and trafficable waterproofing membrane all-in-one and is known as one of the best trafficable membranes available in New Zealand. It will prevent moisture entering into the substrate, preventing damage from rot or mould. Show more ...

Life Deck - Waterproof Decking, Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Stains ...Provides Waterproof decking, Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Stains, and decorative Coating Services in San Diego.

The D's of Decking - maintenance of the membrane. In terms of durability, today's waterproof PVC membranes can be expected to last for 15 20 years or longer depending on the environment, UV exposure, service use and maintenance. Accelerated Weather Testing Comparison - Standard Test Method. ASTM G90 conducted by Atlas Material Testing Services. Samples from two different vinyl manufacturers. Slope, drains and PVC Coated Scuppers allow water to drain off a trapped deck.

Vinyl Decking - The Waterproof Deck Solution since 1974 - , the original vinyl decking provides a single product solution for permanent waterproof protection. ... A single product solution for long-lasting waterproof protection; An industry leading warranty that gives real protection to the homeowner; Installation by ONLY trained and authorized installers; An attractive, low-maintenance deck surface in a range of patterns and colors for long-lasting protection from the elements; The perfect solution for ... vinyl deck membrane. Read More ...

Dex-O-Tex: Advanced Floor & Waterproofing SystemsDex-O-Tex offers a full line of waterproof deck coverings, specialty fluid-applied floorings, coatings, and decorative finishes.

Vinyl Deck Warranty - PVC Membranes 3 Levels of Protection is the only deck vinyl company to date offering a written, three-tiered vinyl deck warranty covering performance, appearance and workmanship.

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